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We design, build, deploy and manage your product leveraging the same building blocks that our own products are built on for rapid development and a faster go to market on a subscription basis.

Beautiful design, inside and out

We are web application experts enjoying the beautiful orchestration of design, coding, cloud, art, and business agility to bring about transformations across teams, business and technology that results in a symphony of visionary outcomes.

Front end

Our beautifully-designed UI Framework come with hundreds of customizable features. Simplicity is at the heart of our design using HTML5, Jquery, CSS3, Ajax, Pusher & CloudFront


All Rugged I/O products are built with Laravel, a PHP Web application framework with expressive, elegant and beautiful integration with MySQL, AWS S3, SQS, Zero-downtime deployments, redis, mail, notifications and tones of features.


Our entire technology is hosted and run on both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud (GCP) leveraging beautiful solutions around Networking, VMs,load balancer setup, SQL Databases, monitoring and billing alerts management.

60+ ready to go features


Authentication, registration, and password reset are ready out of the box.


Transactional and service emails out of the box and ready for your design inputs.

Invite System

Organize into teams and collaborate with others to build the next big thing.

Encrypted passwords

System wide data encrpytion starting with your user's password.

2-factor Sign In

Extra extra layer of authentication security with email and text confirmation codes.

Registration confirmation

Require your users to confirm their email address before using the site

Recurring subscription

Super simple subscription billing without the hassle with monthly and yearly plans

Braintree Integration

Your users payment information never touches our servers! All the validation is handled by Braintree Payments, a trusted payments service processor.


Allow your customers to download PDF copies of their invoices.

Trial periods

Trial period settings from limited to unlimited days for your special users

Single charges

Enable a "one-time" charge to your subscribed users with an accompanying invoice.

Team billing

Enable teams to have their own billing and manage each team member's subscription easily.

Secure site

Every application receives a free, auto-renewing SSL certificate during deployment.

Data Encryption

Triple layer encryption starting the Cloud infrastructure, application and data layer

Login throttle

Prevent brut force logins with automatic throttling and cooling period before retries.

Automatic backup

Scheduled backups of application and database that run like clock-work.

Security emails

Immediately your users of important security changes via email with reversal options.


Create posts, share content, comment, reply and upload your videos and photos.


Join the discussion to ask questions, share insights, and discuss topics.


Super simple follows and connections for users ready out of the box


You'll fall in love with the sleek, notification bubbles that pop and disappear like magic


Turn your online friends into real-life buddies with super simple meetups

Chat & conversations

Start group chats, invite new participants and message in a really fun way.


Need to login as one of your user? Impersonate allows you to authenticate as any of your customers.


RuggedSaaS provides beautiful charts showing you the throughput and peformance of your application.

User management

Manage users, register new ones, analyze logins, review reports and handle blocked users.

Site configurations

Manage everything from enabling/disabling registration to turning key features on and off.


Easily create announncements with disappearing timers so that your users so they are always in the loop.

Application Events

Gain x-ray views logins, uploads, registrations, system updates, changes, and other events

Face detection

Detect faces, their position and expressions with deep analysis

Nudity detection

Detect raw and partial nudity and filter uploads on images & videos

Weapons, alcohol, & drugs

Proatively detect weapons, violence and inappropriate content.


Detect and recognize celebrities on images & videos.


Block scammers and prevent fake profile pic uploads.

Minors detection

Detect babies, children, and teenagers under 18 to enhance safety.


Scheduled backups of application and database that run like clock-work


Easily start and manage supervised Laravel Queue workers directly


Easily stream your file uploads directly to S3 like magic.


Increased application performance with queues abstraction and processing.

Error logging

Crystal clear insights and details of every error generated in your envrionments.


We monitor a variety of metrics about your applications, databases, and caches.

Beautifully responsive with PWA

Progressive Web Application

PWA is a new technology that enables developers to build applications that feel native with standard web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Delight your users

Gain a mobile app experience without the hustle of navigating to the app store, searching for your app then downloading it

Launch your product

Gain amazing engagement when users can download your application as soon as they visit your web application the first time.

Mobile ready

Every page is designed to work beautifully across all your devices giving you amazing savings in native mobile development.

Check out our own products

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Social Networks

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you really do all these amazing things?

Yes we do! We're a SaaS shop dedicated to helping you focus on your product brand, growth and customers while we do all the heavy lifting building. You'll never have to think about servers, databases, monitoring, security and other technical aspects.

Are all the features listed available and ready to go?

Yes. We will never charge you for the baseline features that are ready and available for you.

Does it take a long time to have an MVP?

The scope of your project and requirements will influence the timeline. Typically, we can get you an MVP in less than 7 business days. Get ready to impress your prospects.

How much does it cost to build out the application?

Our Pay-as-you go model is super simple and affordable. Check out our subscription packages for MVPs, mid-level and complete Web app solutions.

I have a alot more questions 😋

That's what we love to hear! Hit us up on the contacts below and feel free to ask anything else you'd like 😊.

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Unlike traditional app development shops that require large capital to begin, our pay-as-you subscription pricing gives you the freedom to test your ideas from MVP to complete solution.

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